About Argo

We are a multi-talented, dynamic team of mining and blockchain network experts, technologists, entrepreneurs, and engineers from all walks of life.


Transforming and democratizing the global financial ecosystem for a more equitable and sustainable world.


Argo powers the world’s most innovative and sustainable blockchain infrastructure.



Our team and network are global and robust, allowing us to pivot and respond to changes in our operating context and carve a path as climate-oriented leaders.


We put trust at the forefront of everything we do – from working with investors, to stakeholders and community members. We are transparent and take a holistic and values-based approach to decision-making.


We take a holistic view of our industry and our team. By focusing on our mission, empowering our team, focusing on balance and mindfulness, we are able to survive shocks and thrive in a world of uncertainty.


We are committed to engineering with ingenuity and to evolving business models for sustainability. From our investments in Argo Labs to providing open-source IP, we are constantly looking for better ways to create value for all our stakeholders.


We are self-starters, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. By empowering our team, we foster accountability, diversity and are shaping the industry leaders of tomorrow.