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Innovative Bitcoin Mining & Blockchain Technologies

Argo Blockchain is a world-leading cryptocurrency miner, championing the use of renewable sources of power to support the growth and development of blockchain technologies.

Message to Shareholders

Seif El-Bakly Appointed Interim CEO

2.7 EH/s

SHA-256 Hashrate
This capacity ranks in the top tier of global mining operations, around 0.4% of the world’s Bitcoin mining network hashrate.

115 MW

Power Capacity
Argo has access to approximately 115 MW of power capacity across Texas and Quebec.

Argo is aware of recent instances in which bad actors are using Argo's name in various attempts to scam investors. Argo Blockchain does not have any retail-oriented applications or mining programs, and Argo will never ask individuals to send money. The only way to invest in Argo Blockchain is to purchase ordinary shares (traded on the London Stock Exchange) or the Company's American Depositary Shares (ADSs) and unsecured notes (traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange).