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SHA-256 Mining
SHA-256 Hashrate
Equihash Hashrate

How Argo Stacks Up Against Other Industry Miners

We  believe the cleanest power along with the most efficient machines,
operated by a proficient team, is what sets us apart.

Petahashes per MW (Higher Number Means Higher Efficiency)

*Sources for power and hashrate  Bitfarms, Hut8

Why Efficiency Is So Important

Electricity rates for miners typically vary between 3-6 cents USD worldwide.

Cost of Power in $ to Mine 1 Bitcoin (Lower is Better)

Cost of Power to Mine 1 Bitcoin at a Power Rate of 3 cents per kW USD As of Aug 1, 2019

Argo Bitfarms Hut8
 $1144 $2786 $3060

Power Rate of 4 cents per kW USD

Argo Bitfarms Hut8
 $1526 $3,715 $4,080

Power Rate of 5 cents per kW USD

Argo Bitfarms  Hut8
$1908 $4,644 $5,100

Uniquely Positioned

Listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.