October Operational Update

2023 November | October Operational Update

Press Release
3 November 2023

Argo Blockchain plc

("Argo" or "the Company")

October Operational Update

Argo Blockchain plc, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining (LSE: ARB; NASDAQ: ARBK), is pleased to provide the following operational update for October 2023.

During the month of October, the Company mined 143 Bitcoin or Bitcoin Equivalents (together, "BTC"), or 4.6 BTC per day. The Company was able to increase its daily BTC production in October by 2% compared to the prior month, despite a 7% increase in the monthly average network difficulty in October compared to September. This is primarily due to fewer hours of economic curtailment at Helios in October, along with a strong focus on operational excellence across the Company.

Mining revenue in October 2023 amounted to $4.26 million, an increase of 19% compared to the prior month (September 2023: $3.59 million). As of 31 October 2023, the Company held 21 BTC.

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About Argo:

Argo Blockchain plc is a dual-listed (LSE: ARB; NASDAQ: ARBK) blockchain technology company focused on large-scale cryptocurrency mining. With mining facilities in Quebec, mining operations in Texas, and offices in the US, Canada, and the UK, Argo's global, sustainable operations are predominantly powered by renewable energy. In 2021, Argo became the first climate positive cryptocurrency mining company, and a signatory to the Crypto Climate Accord. For more information, visit www.argoblockchain.com.