Building, supporting, and participating in the Web 3.0 blockchain infrastructure, the backbone of the digital economy,
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About Argo Labs

Argo Labs is an in-house innovation arm of Argo Blockchain.
Our Vision at Argo Labs is to invest in the disruptive and innovative sectors of the crypto ecosystem.
We are committed to contributing to the overall shareholder value of Argo Blockchain through our focus on non-proof of work network participation.
We want to support the decentralization of various blockchain protocols, while also providing exposure to the most innovative and emerging sectors of the crypto industry.

Areas Of Focus

Value & Benefits

Innovative Exposure
Focusing on Research & Development to solidify & future proof the business in the DeFi ecosystem
Revenue Generation
Create revenue from staking, nodes, and DeFi protocols.
Growth Opportunities
Research and deploy assets into high conviction and promising early stage projects.

Supported Projects

Meet The Team

Sebastien Chalus
Steven Allison
Project Administrator
Adam Freeborn
Sam Freeborn
Michael El-Khoury
Network/Protocol Analyst
Vikram Mechanda